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Armorplated's Profile (Level 8)

Kill / Death (3.92)
Kill / Game (7.83)
Shots / Kill (295.11)
Accuracy (37.36)
Arena vs Siege games played

Stats Overview

Kills Per Death3.92
Damage Per Death14141.33
Average Kills7.83
Average Damage28282.67
Bullets per Kill295.11
Damage Per Hit32.75
Damage Per Shot12.23
Axle Rating v160.91

Lifetime Stats

Kills141 Deaths36PartsDestroyed421
DamageDone509088 DamageRecieved132221FriendlyDamage10614
GamesPlayed18 ArenaGamesPlayed14SiegeGamesPlayed4
ShotsFired41610 ShotsHit15546Accuracy37.36