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Why we want donations for pizza money

Why is there a Donations Button?

As a free service for the MAV community I am hosting a Teamspeak 3 server and currently two 24/7 multiplayer servers so people can enjoy this game together. These services does not come free to me however as even if it isn't a lot I do have to pay for the increase in my electric bill and in the future it looks like an increased bandwidth cost as my ISP seems to want to charge me more when MAV's online gets more popular even though I am paying more already then I could have for a faster internet service. Right now I have a fairly low average bandwidth for the server as few people play online but with 100kb/s up and down I can look at quite a bit of bandwidth usage from just hosting.

Another thing is that I've built the server from scratch as I had no decent computers lying around that I'd want to use as a server. I've spend around $500 building the server from purchasing a motherboard, cpu, ram, fans, case, and the SSD. I'll be upgrading the server later to 16gb ram but that takes money and I don't have the spare money right now due to my car needing to be fixed. Below is some specs on the server. Please note that it has to be a windows server because of the game's server software not meshing that well with other operating systems.

  • 3.5 ghz 8 core
  • 8 gb ram (upgradable to 32gb)
  • 120 gb solid state drive
  • Windows Server 2012 (180 day trial edition)

Please note that any donations going to me does not go to BombdogStudios and is just to Rak Sal. It may or may not be used as Pizza money instead of improving the server / internet provider. I will not ask for money anywhere else but on this page as I'm not one of those people who has to remind you to Like / Subscribe / Follow in every damn twitch stream / youtube video since if you like what I do you'll already do that stuff. If you want a reason to donate money I'll make a list of the different things I'm trying to do to help grow and engage with the rest of the MAV community as Serge-David and as Rak Sal Inc.

  • Teamspeak 3 Hosting
  • Multiplayer Server(s)
  • Exhibitions / Tournament Hosting
  • Stream Donations such as giving out gift codes to watchers
  • Pizza
  • Increased Fluff to the MAV universe through non-canonal backstories
  • Tutorials / Server Stuff / Etc depending on how server customization is added and if we can make custom server stuff.
  • Etc.

Donate button is features to the right.


This does not go to Bombdogstudios.