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Birth of Legends

Start Date : May / 19 / 2017
End Date : Jun / 30 / 2017

Participants per Team : 2
Description : As the sun rises the Giant Leap 317 Hydrogen Processing Plant, the day seems ripe for legends to be born.
Assemble your team for a two on two battle of champions through the ranks to victory.

Game type : Siege
Map Limit : Giant Leap
Team Size : 2 players
Prizes :

Help / Organization : Join the discord
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Elemination Tournament - Birth of Legends

Round 1

#1 Team USAVs#7
#2 Old Mods of MavsgardVs#6 SmogSkulls
#3 Jaegers BombersVs#5 Headless Chickens
#4 Samurai TroopersBye Round


#1 Team USAVs#5 Headless Chickens
#2 Old Mods of MavsgardVs#4 Samurai Troopers


#2 Old Mods of MavsgardVs#5 Headless Chickens