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Tools for M.A.V.

Comparison Tool

Last updated on - Sunday 16th, December 2018

Want to quickly compare multiple parts together? Well the comparison tool is great.

Click the parts name to select it for comparisons or click the expand link to see more information about that part.

To compare a smaller selectiong of itens click the Group Comparison button and then click the desired part names. They'll be compared to eachother at the top with the lowest stats being red and highest stats being green.

Build Designer Tool

Last updated on - Wednesday 19th, December 2018

When theory crafting builds or trying to figure out how to shave off that last few units of weight the build designer comes in really handy. Just add the parts you want to use on your build and it'll tell you general information about it. It's very handry when you're trying to find out what chassis or armor plate you can actually fit on your build without having to redo the whole thing.

It includes a link that lets you share the build out with others to spread the theory crafting love.

Map Ranger Tool

Last updated on - Friday 14th, December 2018

Sometimes it's hard to know how far distances are in MAV or where the bases are in Siege mode / Repair Sheds are in Arena Mode. Well with the map tool you can do just that!

It's very easy to use, select the map from the dropdown and then click a location on the map to place your position, then simply switch to the direction setting and click another point on the map and it'll tell you the range.

Splash Visualizer Tool

Last updated on - Monday 3rd, September 2018

Have you ever wondered how large the splash range is on different weapons? This visualizer helps show how large the splash radius is.

Click on the image to move the splash point, select which weapon type from the dropdown, and select the armor value to compare with.

Garage Organization Tool

Last updated on - Monday 29th, January 2018

This lovely tool gives you all of the garage management functionality that you wish was already in the game.

You can rename builds, change the order of saved builds, and quickly delete builds without any big hastle.

Player Profiles

Last updated on - Monday 12th, February 2018

Want to see how you're doing in the game or how your fiends are? Check out the player profiles. This is one of the newer tools so it hasn't had many interations so please let us know what we can do to help improve it.

Stats are updated via the bombdogstudios api and may take some time to be updated. If you're stats are out of date blame Cyber not me.

Stats Signatures - Currently broken until global profiles are back.

Last updated on - Monday 11th, December 2017

Show yourself off on the bombdogstudios forums with a custom stats signature! We've also got special options for Patreon subscribers.

Change Log

Last updated on - Friday 14th, December 2018

Sometimes the updates don't include much information about what has changed balance wise. With this you can see what parts have changed stat wise and what parts are new!

This like the comparison and designer tools heavily rely on a file cyber provides for me to automate the process, if this isn't updated within a week of an update then cyber hasn't given me the file and you should bug him about it.

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Tip Videos

From hidden controls in the garage to random tidbits on how different parts of the game work. Check them out if you want.


Come and hang out, chat about stuff, do voice chat for battles. It'll be fun. We've also got a bot now to let us reboot the RSI mav server when I'm not home so hit us up on there if there isn't any servers online.

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